About Me

  • What Sets Me Apart

  • Exceptional Teammate

    I thrive at the intersection of collaborative and independent work. Put me on a team and I will advocate for my own ideas while supporting others'. Having spent the past five years collaborating on film projects, I recognize the value in diversity. Each one of my teammates had a set of skills that I trusted and learned from, yet our roles were unified by a single vision.

  • Growth Mindset

    One rule I live by is that enthusiasm is more important to mastery than innate ability. Give me a task and I will eagerly commit myself to finding an efficient solution because I’m obsessed with logic and problem-solving. I love being challenged to learn new technologies and frameworks, and I’m not afraid to ask for help along the way.

  • Strong Foundations of Computer Science

    Before enrolling in App Academy, I completed a 17-week Bridge program at NYU Tandon School of Engineering for students with a non-technical background, where I learned the foundations of computer science, networking, operating systems, data structures and algorithms, and memory management.

  • Meticulous Work Ethic

    My projects are not complete until my code is optimally maintainable, readable, and DRY, down to the spacing and indentation. I am confident that I can meet any organizational goals thrown my way because I am attentive to detail and intrinsically motivated to get into the weeds to derive a result that I am wholly satisfied with.

  • Eye for Design

    Given my background in film, I care deeply about design and write code with the end user in mind. Even problem-solving offers an opportunity for creativity when it comes to experimenting with various data structures and algorithms to find the most efficient solution. My aim is always to create intuitive, accessible, and responsive applications.


My technical toolkit includes React/Redux, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets, and Amazon Web Services S3 (AWS). I am eager and determined to learn new frameworks and technologies to expand my toolkit!














Check out the three fully-fledged projects I created while studying 1000+ hours at App Academy.


A single-page web application and clone of Kanopy, a video streaming website.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rails Active Storage

Ruby on Rails framework

React/Redux frontend

PostgreSQL database

Heroku hosting


A MERN stack web application with a collaborative code editor, where developers can invite one another to join work groups.

WebSockets and Monaco Editor API

MongoDB database

Express framework

React/Redux frontend

Node backend

Global Happiness

A data visualization of the World Happiness Report 2021.

D3 library

Vanilla JavaScript



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I would love to join your team and get right to work!


Rebecca Foster


(203) 500-5670




New Haven, Connecticut